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    Junior Member nnnn44's Avatar
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    no (all mkv from internet)

    do you miss someone or some old days that you will give 1 year from your life just to get him, her or that old days back.

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    Senior Member Erz's Avatar
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    No (But maybe one day I will )

    Do you still have PS2?

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    Senior Member HeyManHRU's Avatar
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    Do you watch Judge Judy?

  4. #964

    Do you read DC Comic?

  5. #965
    No (currently, I did in the past).

    Do you believe in Santa Claus?

  6. #966
    no. but if you are younger than 10 years i am just kidding

    do you now think we are close to 100 page?

  7. #967

    Do you think we'll hit 100 by the new year?

  8. #968
    Yes (I hope so)

    Do you already put up your Christmas Tree?

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    do you have a noisy neighbor?

  10. #970

    Have you heard your neighbors being intimate?

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