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    Junior Member nnnn44's Avatar
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    hell no just gray. in earth green and blue and i am bored.

    do you think the soccer on tv and the players come all about just money and thay all are just wast of time to watch

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    Senior Member mm4dsc's Avatar
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    Would you have answered the above question earlier if you could have understood it?

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    Senior Member HeyManHRU's Avatar
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    Have you seen the new youtube homepage?

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    if you have a chance to be president but you must never ever play any video game in any console in your life do you take the offer.

  5. #815
    No, Video games > running a country

    Have you ever purposely destroyed a video game?

  6. #816
    yes. i hired a ps2 game to copy but wouldn't work so i scratched/gouged it up heaps LOL

    do you like rpgs?

  7. #817
    Yes (very) ^^

    Do you like read manga/ comic?

  8. #818
    no, not anymore,

    do you know when was the ps3 scene funeral? i know it's dead, but don't know when was it officially.. lol

  9. #819
    No, not exactly.

    Do you own an Android phone?

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    did you imagine your life will be like this , when you were a kid. (worse or better)?

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