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    Forum Moderator PS3 News's Avatar
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    Do you think CJPC still be the co-Admin on PS4News.com?

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    Senior Member HeyManHRU's Avatar
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    Will the boss break the world record for most posts on an internet forum ?

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    Senior Member oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
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    No, at least not in this year. He has to go beyond the 136,360th post's to do so.

    Do you think Skyrim will be playable on CFW this year ?

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    Do you use MSN to talk with your friends?

  5. #595

    Do you think we will play mw3 in kai soon?

  6. #596
    Yes, when it's fixed I'll be on Kai all day.

    Does your PC have a bigger HDD than 500 GB?

  7. #597

    Do you have 1 TB external HDD? (o_o)

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    Were you disappointed in Uncharted 3's ending?

  9. #599
    hmmm. haven't actually taken it out of the shrink wrap yet due to how king bf3 online is.. LOL

    did you hate cod modern warfail 3 as much as i did?

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    No, I haven't played it. If CoD keeps on copying previous CoD games and just adding some more maps and a new campaign the franchise will die though.

    Have you ever cheated on an online game?

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