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    Senior Member elser1's Avatar
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    Have you ever seen a ufo?

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    Senior Member HeyManHRU's Avatar
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    It depends on what a UFO looks like.

    Do you think Aliens (or any other life form out of earth) exist?

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    Senior Member cfwprophet's Avatar
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    Yes sure, look let us say the www is our universe and we here on the earth are living on a mountain where internet connections and mobile phone connection does not work. We never walked down to the dale and doesn't know that other life forms exists. Does this mean that they don't exist ? Only our universe is soo BIG with a thousands of solar systems and a mighty energy core in the middle. And our universe are not the only one. There are such a lot of spiral universe systems one after another.

    To not think there will be additional life form is just and simple insane. I'm sure there is a mathematize formula to calculate how many other life forms could/will be out there. Mathematize is the universal language of the universe.

    Do you think i'm crazy

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    Yes. Also with Thunderdome Gabbergod (Color Line Arena Hamburg) Avatar.

    Do you use DVD's to store your data ?

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    Have you ever been to Nature One ?

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    Yes. Amazing.

    That's not Gabbergod ! Thats the Prophet ! Im 31 and as i was 14 or so the first Thunderdome's hase come out and the artist the prophet was one of the best's and every time there. This logo is his one.They just have used it for here needs now.

    Use google aqnd search for Thunderdom Prophet pics

    Do you know Z-Pack ?

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    Yes. I know it's the Prophet, I'm also in it (and harder styles - take a look at the "What Music you hear?" thread). I call this / his Avatar Gabbergod every time - reminds me on RTC - God is a Gabber (don't know why). I regret that I wasn't there on Thunderdome VII (must be 1994) where DJ Skinhead comes up with his "Extreme Terror" - which sadly everybody knows.

    Do you "Drink and Drive" sometimes ?

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    No. Well not anymore that is, I've grown up lol

    Do you prefer techno or hardcore?

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    Uh, I though this is just yes/no question place ^^

    Do you think JB 2 might be a "new hope" for us?

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    Do you want to marry ?

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