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    Contributor DoctorMikeReddy's Avatar
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    Do you think dentists invest in soft drinks industries?

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    Contributor Mabs's Avatar
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    Yes. If profit is assured...

    Do you believe in the "explosive" videos of Coke and Mentos?

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    Contributor peejaygee's Avatar
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    Yes, seen it happen, but was with Diet Coke.

    Do you still use Bluetooth for anything except Bluetooth Headsets, i.e. tfx files around?

  4. #1684
    No (Use to use it to connect my N800 Internet Tablet to my phone but not anymore).

    Is your phone NFC capable?

  5. #1685
    No, I am using Blackberry Huron 8830.

    Have you ever been go to Bali (in Indonesia) before?

  6. #1686
    no. i'd like to go there but.

    do you believe in bigfoot?

  7. #1687

    Any chance of Street Fighter vs Tekken coming out for the PSVita?

  8. #1688
    yes, this fall

    have you heard of google?

  9. #1689

    Do you know what a googol is?

  10. #1690
    no. i can find out with google i guess.

    do you own a fire arm?

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