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    Senior Member Bartholomy's Avatar
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    Daily, Yes

    Do you ever dream to be the owner of one of those "houses"

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    Senior Member mm4dsc's Avatar
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    Yes (imagine the interview process).

    Have you every written a training manual?

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    Senior Member Bartholomy's Avatar
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    Uhm no. Just novels.

    Do you like to write?

  4. #1414
    no. unless you count programming as writing, lol.

    do you like to read technical documents/books/articles? (api references, programming language manuals, coding articles on gamasutra or altdevblogaday)

  5. #1415
    Uhm no, gamasutra no. If you put a K, then yes lol

    Do you miss a particular place in the world you visited?

  6. #1416
    Yes (Okinawa, Japan).

    Do you know how to convert celcius to farenheit (and vice versa) in your head?

  7. #1417
    No, I forgot how

    Do you have a villa? (O_O)

  8. #1418

    Do you own your domicile?

  9. #1419
    No, rent and go around moving after a while is my motto (asia is huge, and so beautiful *_* )

    Do you go around with your dog on your motorbike ? (Dog sit in front of you like a kid, looks like he's the driver)

  10. #1420

    Are you going to get drunk tonight (if it's night already, are you drunk)?

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