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    Senior Member Erz's Avatar
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    Do you think FF13-2 will make SE rise again?

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    Senior Member oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
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    You are also want to know how good AMD's new Bulldozer CPU's are ? If they can be a real competitor to Intel's i7 series ?

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    Senior Member Hipmans's Avatar
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    You think Final Fantasy versus XIII will ever be released??

  4. #134

    Do you think we will able to play 3.6+ game in this year?

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    That's a hard one , I'm going to say no. We'll probably be able to play 3.60+ games early next year.

    Do you dislike sony?
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    Hmm yes and no, awesome hardware awful customer support.

    Did you go to university?

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    No, learning by doing and stupid parents

    Do you think we should do a own Hacking Group ?

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    Should be OK.

    Is cfwprophet back in the business ?

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    I hope so!!! but i guess no!

    do you think kinect is very stupid?!?!

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    Will you get an Apple iPhone 4S ?

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