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    Senior Member Erz's Avatar
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    Yup, I heard it just now

    Are you gonna buy PSvita?

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    No never i hope that the vita will be the bigesd flop for sony

    Will you buy a Wii U ?

  3. #1153
    Yes (Still save my money on it)

    Do you think Wii U will have more sales than Vita?

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    YES Damn for sure but it's BS for me. It's again no REAL new gen like the wii was just a update of the gc also the U i don't care about the pad function of the controller. I would love to see them going down.

    Have you blue eyes ?

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    Blue Eyes? Do you mean my eyes? Then no. I'm Black Eyes

    But if you mean Blue Eyes White Dragon then, Yes I have the Card

    Is your hair Blonde?

  6. #1156
    No black like my eyes

    Do you have a good payed job ?

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    Would you give an ex money if he/she needed it?

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    No not anymore i won't give my money to no one. Peoples will exploit that

    Do you have a E-Car ?

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    I only have a bicycle ^^

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    Yes ...

    Are you believing in this Persian multiMan on 3.73 ?

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