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    Senior Member cfwprophet's Avatar
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    Not interesting the future will be OLED

    Do you drink beer ?

  2. #1002
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    Yes, as every normal German.

    Did you know you can get an 365 days free Antivirus from BitDefender at the moment ?

  3. #1003
    No thats great !! But i use Kaspersky 2012 and the trail reseter.

    Do you like Pizza (not the tower the meal )

  4. #1004

    Do you think we will get a new PS3 CFW next year?

  5. #1005
    Yes, I hope so !

    Do you know the series "Game of Thrones" ?

  6. #1006
    Huu NO, whats that ?

    Are you religious ?

  7. #1007
    Yes... (I hope)

    "Game of Thrones"? Do you mean that serial TV movie?

    Do you go to the Church on New Year?

  8. #1008
    Yes, indeed Erz.

    Religious ? No.

    Are you interested to know what comes up on 28C3 this year ?

  9. #1009
    No never they are bastards and fakers if im religious then i'm a HAYDE and/or KABAList. Jesus Christ was a normal human like all others too. The soooo holly church have used his political might to develop a new religion. Nothing else, Nothing more.

    Do you have children ?

  10. #1010
    No (Still looking for a wife)

    Are you gonna buy a new console next year?

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