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    XCM Silver X-Box Case reviewed by Team PS3News!

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    Awhile back our Staff Member out4it had a chance to review an [Register or Login to view links] courtesy of our affiliate [Register or Login to view links], and today we have finally had some time to post his review as follows: "Well to my surprise my XCM Silver X-Box Case arrived today. Pretty fast shipping from Hong Kong! I was excited and a little nervous because I never did this kind of mod before. I proceeded to take apart my X-Box paying attention to how things were originally put together. With that finished, I looked at the new parts to see if everything matched the original. It looked good so I proceeded!

    I first took the HDD off, then the DVD drive- so far so good! I then took all the screws out of the controller ports and lifted them out, and unhooked all the plugs connecting them to the motherboard. Next, I took all the screws out of the motherboard. It's important to note that when you take the mainboard out, you have to lift up on the front and pull towards you to get the power cord jack and the A/V jack to slide out... now it was almost all disassembled!

    I wasn't sure if the metal shield was to be removed or not, but I did anyway. After gently prying on the tabs, it fell out easily. After bending the tabs back in place, I put the shield back on my new replacement X-Box case. They just snapped back on, and simply I reassembled in reverse order!

    Now the moment of truth. Would my X-Box work? I plugged everything back in and tried it- wow, it did! My first X-Box mod is now complete, and matches my other components nicely too! In closing, I have to say that the holes on the replacement case are EXACTLY in the same spots as the original case. No forcing of parts to line up, and the color is extremely good throughout- matching my stereo equipment perfectly. I have included pics of a before and after, and total install time for a complete newbie like me was 35 minutes! I would highly recommend the [Register or Login to view links] for those looking to modify their X-Box case! "
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