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    XBox Japan 'Accidentally' Uploaded Final Fantasy XIII Page

    In the West, Final Fantasy XIII is a multi-platform titles, announced for the PS3 and the Xbox 360. In Japan, it is not. Something that makes this Xbox Japan Web site image perplexing.

    This image appeared ever so briefly earlier today, before it was taken down. It's a Japanese Final Fantasy XIII page for the Xbox 360 - which has not been announced for the region where it's apparently a Sony exclusive.

    Square Enix and Sony have been cross prompting PS3-only-in-Japan FFXIII with the game's demo appearing on the Blu-ray version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete.

    To quote: Try loading the now, and you'll turn up empty-handed. According to Microsoft, this was all a mistake, and the Western Final Fantasy XIII page inadvertently ended up on the Japanese site.

    Xbox Japan PR told Kotaku, "The FFXIII page you pointed out was actually accidentally uploaded onto the Japanese Web site during Web management operations and has now been taken down. There is no change to what has already been announced that this title will be released in North America and Europe."

    For the sake of comparison, is the Xbox US Final Fantasy XIII page.

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    Well it looks like they didn't really specifically have to translate anything for that web page, as all the text will be the same on other games' pages (developer, publisher, genre, release date, etc.) and they didn't even translate/ type in "Square Enix Co., Ltd.", so it does sort of look like an accident. But then again it could be a marketing ploy and they are planning to release it on xbox in japan. hell do i care - different platform + different country

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    Even if the games does come out in Japan on 360 I really doubt it will sell that many copies, most people that want the game have a PS3 already or will buy one when the game gets released.

    I would find it quite doubtful for japanese buyers to get a 360 if the game came out on the same day as the PS3. Most of their friends would probably get the PS3 version and those that want it would definitely get a PS3 to have the same console all their friends have.