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    XBox 360 Mod Turns Red Ring of Death Into Red Eyes of Laziness

    Who says stoners are lazy? This one sure wasn't. He took a replacement case for a XBox 360 and created a bong out of it.

    What's a bong? It's a smoking utility - you know; the ganja, mary jane, wacky tabaccy.

    To quote: We've seen bongs made out of N64 and NES controllers, and both were amazing. But a bong made out of an Xbox 360? Oh hell yes.

    As you can see by the below photos, this is a serious piece of custom-made weed smoking equipment. Sure, it won't play Fallout 3, but it'll make playing Fallout 3 on a functioning Xbox a lot more fun.

    Now if someone wants to make a grinder or a stash box out of a controller to match this thing, you'd have the most epic and nerdy smoking setup ever. I love it. Anyone else have homemade gaming-related paraphernalia? Send it to me!

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    as bad as it may be, its quite a smart way to reuse a shitty xbox. i applaud their imagination, lol.

    Now if only they made a ps3 version of this.

    (a new generation of stoner's are emerging, Reminds me of Cheech and Chong),

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    lol what ever happened to using an apple for a make shift bong in a pinch lol....

    "crap dude you got any papers?" "no man, no papers.... craaap what will we do?"

    "i know lets make an xbox bong son! grab the smoke we're gettin baked!"

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    Doing this would actually improve a regular functioning Xbox 360