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    XBox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Kit is Now Sold Separately

    The XBox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Kit that used to be free is now being sold separately for $15 as an official Microsoft accessory.

    In the past if you bought a used XBox 360 hard drive you could call a toll-free number and dupe Microsoft into sending a free transfer cable, then they got wise and charged $12 before bumping it up to $15.

    To quote: "The cable went up on the Microsoft Store, sold separately, for $14.99 this past week (you still get one free if you buy the 120GB drive from Microsoft).

    That's cheaper than the used ones you get from independent resellers on Amazon, and the super cheapy kit does not work; it's for transferring gamesaves from a 360 to a PC. The cable also appears to be a different configuration, if aesthetics matter to you for this."

    XBox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Kit is Now Sold Separately

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    Was free? wtf? Never heard of such thing...

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    Don't know if Europe is different but it was sold separated (except 120GB drive) since the new year.