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    Senior Member mushy409's Avatar
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    Back on topic now...

    I remember saying over on Xboxhacker a while back about memory/cpu glitching... Only problem is the guy who found it (gligli) isn't 100% sure himself how it works, but the fact is it does. Something along the lines of reseting part of the CPU while keeping the rest active.
    Pretty much, booting the CPU into a ready state, flushing (glitching) the CPU_RESET line resulting in unsigned code being executed (hash check comes back ok)

    Clever stuff... I can see all the signs floating round ppl's heads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    So PS3 devs are bad because you can't play 30 new games? Get over it. The PS3 hacking scene has grew so much since it started. We will be able to play those 3.60+ games at some point.

    Anyways Devs do this stuff for free, they got lives believe or not. Its not like we're paying them, we should be thanking them.
    yes they are doing it for free in the xbox 360 scene, in the ps3 scene they are doing it for ego, you think they don't have way so we can play the new games? they have for a long time, just dont wanna release it, they want fame don't want to release the exploit anonymously, that is why the ps3 scene sucks, just look at the 360 scene how it rolls, MS makes new protection c4eva makes new FW.

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    Senior Member HeyManHRU's Avatar
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    We don't know if PS3 devs do it for internet fame (all devs are different), and it really doesn't matter, these people sacrifice a lot for the scene. The only reason people like Math get fame is because all of the attention the scene gives him (hatred).

    Back on topic: Will this enable me to run back-ups flawlessly, or run back ups at all? I'm really interested in this.

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    I'm still waiting for my previous questions to be answered. I'm not sure what it will do? Will it bring up a menu? Will it run ISO backups? What will it actually do to the console? If it does run backups, HOW?

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    Our questions are basically the same.

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    It should be like the JTAG scene and allow you to boot to Freestyle Dash, which has it's own loaders for games, emulators, etc.

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    It will mean existing homebrew and stuff in development that work on the jtag'ed older xbox will now be able to work on any xbox.

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    Thanks for the reply nate and effbee, I understand so much more now.

    I'm now considering updating my PS3 for online and stuff and buying an Xbox and hack that instead. Since my Second PS3 is ruined.

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    Why dont we see this?

    Why don't we see any good developments in the ps3 scene? For example,

    A Totally Redone XMB? Similar to the psp how we could change the way everything looked, not just rename catagories.

    Or Something similar to xbox 360s, Reloader / freeboot. I am just asking why? Is the ps3 just not capable of anything like this?

    What can i look forward to in the future not talking 100 years from now but max a year?

    Please insight me on things, I think the ps3 scenes dieing / is already dead, compared to the xbox 360 scene, were you can have freeboot or what ever its called, and the psp scene, were you had fully customed themes, Plugins, cheat devices / hack devices.

    Why is there none for the ps3?

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    I have now merged your post in this ongoing thread since it is already being discussed here. Good things are definitely in the works for the PS3 as well for those seeking new CFW according to PlayStation 3 developer Squarepusher2:!/Squarepusher2/status/107619887266021378

    Heard some reassuring news for people desiring a new CFW - so I'd say just keep patient a while longer.

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