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    Video: SNES Emulator - Mario Kart Runs on Non-Jailbroken iPad

    Today has compiled a special version of his SNES4iPhone emulator specifically for non-jailbroken iDevices including Apple's new iPad and has shared a video of Mario Kart running on it below.

    ZodTTD states that while he does have access to the, he did have to utilize to make SNES4iPhone work on a non-jailbroken iPad.

    To quote: "The build of SNES4iPhone running on my iPad as seen in the video was actually based on an AppStore app I submitted called "snesty". Apple quickly rejected it right after pulling the NES emulator.

    I combined snesty with some SNES4iPhone features such as using the private API called CoreSurface. I used Apple developer tools and self signed it."

    Finally, ZodTTD states that after Apple officially releases iPhone OS 4.0 and the existing jailbreak is distributed freely, he plans to create new versions of his emulators that run at the iPad's 1024 x 768 native resolution and support touchscreen controls, hardware keyboards and even external controllers should they come.

    Video: SNES Emulator - Mario Kart Runs on Non-Jailbroken iPad

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    nice, i hope the ipad isnt that expensive in germany. i wanna buy one of them. nice to see that there are roms working on

    one reason more to buy one ^^

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    Really cool great!

    I don't think that iPad is really awesome THING but... there are not so many thing that it can do

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    the ipad is going to be a powerful tool for emulation!

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    Until they release a control pad, im reluctant to consider the Ipad a viable emulation platform. Remember how many buttons the N64 had?