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    Video: New Fallout 3 XBox 360 Patch Versus PS3 Comparison

    Fallout 3 is one of the most controversial cross-platform projects of 2008, the PlayStation 3 version in particular comes to mind for plenty of criticism to its often-poor frame rate.

    It turned out that Xbox 360 version, despite its superior frame rate and full-on 4x MSAA, had flaws of its own - notably some inferior textures when viewed close up, along with a lack of specular maps on the monsters and characters, resulting in a somewhat flat look compared to the other versions of the game.

    As it happens, the latest Fallout 3 patch isn't just preparation code for the upcoming DLC... one of the small issues with the launch 360 game has been addressed: the specular maps are back.

    Perhaps the omission was simply a bug? Or perhaps not, because while the effect has been replaced in the more obvious locations, elsewhere it is still absent.

    But regardless, it's an obviously welcome addition for 360 owners, and we presume that the upcoming DLC will be looking as good as it can possibly be.
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    i wish i had fallout 3..

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    And they will launch the DLC content for 360 only... what is wrong with them!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Okiri View Post
    And they will launch the DLC content for 360 only... what is wrong with them!?
    they probably have the excuse that the ps3 is dificult to develop for so they just forget ps3 once the game is released. as usual

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    i think M$ threw some money at them to get an exclusivity deal for the dlc on fallout 3.

    but i was reading an article in one of my mags bout ray maguire (boss at scee) commenting that "One thing to remember is that nothing is ever exclusive" when talking bout dlc (it was an article bout "a dlc war" and the recent M$ 50mill payout for exclusive rights to "lost and damned")

    so *hopefully* sony will receive some sort of dlc for fallout 3, but maybe just not the same as what the 360 version dlc is