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    Video: N64Mini - Play the Nintendo 64 in Portable Form

    I was looking on ebay for a DS and noticed at the bottom of a listing "most watched" and came across this gem. I then googled it and found a video (below) and write up on device.

    To quote: The modding community has been quite active improving old game consoles. I'm such a fan of the Nintendo 64 that the latest mod of the venerable console was just too cool to pass up.

    Dubbed the N64Mini, the portable Nintendo 64 device from modder Zenloc features the familiar Nintendo 64 controller buttons (minus the D-pad, unfortunately) in a nicely compact package. Users can place their Nintendo 64 cartridges in the back of the device to play some of their favorite games.

    According to the device's developer, the N64Mini runs on a 4-cell battery and comes with a charger. It also features a headphone jack and an A/V out port for those who want to play the title on a display that's a little larger. It even comes with built-in brightness controls.

    But here's the best part: the N64Mini is available now on eBay. Bidding ends in five days, but so far, 44 bids have been placed. The price is at $555 at the time of this writing. I obviously haven't been able to get my hands on the device, but based on the video below, it might be something worth considering if you plan to spend some cash this holiday season.

    Video: N64Mini - Play the Nintendo 64 in Portable Form

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    Or you just buy a n64 for £20, gutted it has not got a D-Pad as most the best games have d-pad such as GOLDENEYE, 1080, etc, on another note I just bought my son 8 games and a gamegear for £24 on ebay, now just need to make my time machine go back in time and sell it wow wow wubzy!!
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