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    Video: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Multiplayer Trailer for PC

    When there's a lot of Bad Company, you gotta have good company. For Battlefield: Bad Company 2, you're gonna need all the good company you can get - I'm talking about this new multiplayer trailer fresh from DICE and Electronic Arts.

    There's a lot of snow to go around, but there's a lot more enemy troops who want you and your buddies dead. Hell, they even called for a freakin' air strike for four guys - they must be that good!

    The video doesn't show anything on the 12-on-12 multiplayer that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is supposed to have, but it does point to multiplayer features, based on those green player labels that pop up towards the end of the vid.

    Rumor has is that it could even have as much as 40 players online...

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    this is a must-have game..

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    awesome game. shall buy it too!

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    Two Things: one its pretty funny how suddenly Battlefield is back to being big on mulitiplayer and another thing that wasn't mentioned in this article was that The game will be Completely destructible. Which means that now you can chip pieces away from a car or helicopter and buildings can now be destroyed into rubble. 40 players online idk because Xbox360 lags at that many people and don't believe me play frontline's fuel war.

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    Its going hardcore glad they have brought the paddles out of battlefield 2 and now you can bring your friends back to life (and electrocute people!), got loads of new games but i just keep going back to battlefield BC 1!!!!!
    I will c u all on the battlefield!

    Oh and dont forget to support 1943 too!!!