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    Video: Android Mobile Operating System Running on iPhone 2G!

    Planetbeing is back on the iPhone scene and brought us Android fully working on the iPhone 2G.

    I don't know about you guys, but for me these are some nice news.

    Here is his blog post, to quote: "I've been working on this quietly in the background. Sorry about the initial video quality, but YouTube promises that the quality will get better as the video gets processed more. The back part of the version I uploaded to Vimeo was cut off.

    I think that says it all, really. Donations via paypal to planetbeing at If you'd like to help, come join #iphonelinux on

    Thanks to CPICH for reversing support, harmn1, posixninja, jean, marcan and saurik for patches, and last but not least, TheSeven for his work on the FTL.

    Pre-built images and sources at Read the README. For generic openiboot instructions, there's plenty now that you can search for.

    It should be pretty simple to port forward to the iPhone 3G. The 3GS will take more work. Hopefully with all this groundwork laid out, we can make Android a real alternative or supplement for iPhone users. Maybe we can finally get Flash. ;)"

    Video: Android Mobile Operating System Running on iPhone 2G!

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    Video: Android Mobile Operating System Running on iPhone 2G!

    iPhone 2G. Not 3G. An iPhone 3G[s] is recording the video.

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    I fixed the typo- Thanks for the heads up hopshock and +Rep!

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    This is awesome, I can't wait for it to hit the 3GS.

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    But it is difficult to transform the iPone 3G android in spite of this very explanatory video. Thank you though.

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    this is definitely something new, inventive and exciting!