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    TGS 2009: Resident Evil 5 for XBox 360 is Getting Bonus Content

    The Alternative Edition of Resident Evil 5 may have sparked a bit jealousy within 360 owners.

    However, during a Darkside Chronicles stage event at the Tokyo Game Show, producer Jun Takeuchi talked about new content that will be added to the 360 version of Resident Evil 5.

    To quote: The new content that he mentioned was an added mission to the 360 version Resident Evil 5, which originally served a as flashback scene; with Chris and Jill duking it out with Wesker in the mansion.

    360 owners may not have the availability of motion control yet. However, according to Dengeki, Capcom plans on offering the new content in "a different form" to 360 owners.

    TGS 2009: Resident Evil 5 for XBox 360 is Getting Bonus Content

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    I don't have this game. But if I did, I'd much rather have a bonus level instead of motion control.

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    maybe and maybe not. Depends on how the controls change the game, and if they changed anything else but the controls.

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    That same level/scene is coming to alternative for ps3 too, pretty sure i read it.

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    I rented this and honestly think they ruined a perfectly good franchise with the controls alone. I felt like my character was in a wheel chair the whole time. I hope devs figure out how to use natal to make some amazing shooting games. What ever happened to those Time Effect and Police (Sega) games?

    How come no one is doing sequels for those. And why isnt there a light gun for 360 they have one for PS3 so I know its not a LCD issue like they used to say.