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As expected, Hideo Kojima came packing a brand-new trailer for [Register or Login to view links], one that's much more story-oriented -- including the re-introduction of Metal Gear Ray and Rex -- than ever before. Kojima stuck behind the early 2008 release date for his latest sequel, and users interested in remaining pure for his "last" installment in the series will probably want to avoid the new trailer.

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Additionally, Kojima confirmed MGS4 will come bundled with a [Register or Login to view links] "starter pack," but declined to specify what exactly that includes. That wasn't all for the Metal Gear universe, either, as a new trailer rolled for [Register or Login to view links], which apparently sold a surprising 400,000 worldwide, prompting the special edition. The Metal Gear Solid 2 digital graphic novel is still in the works, as well, and Japan receives a bonus -- a free copy of the original digital graphic novel, now with voiceovers.

Outside of Metal Gear, however, the conference was surprisingly quiet, with an enormous emphasis on Konami's movement in the mobile sphere. Another trailer for Metal Gear Portable was shown, still looking akin to Metal Gear Solid on PS One but apparently featuring an all-new storyline. Variations on popular Konami franchises like Rumble Roses, Air Force Delta, Tokimeki Memorial, Suikoden and Silent Hill will all see mobile iterations in the near future.

In the handheld space, Konami remained quiet, but revealed a brand-new entry for the Nintendo DS, Time Hallow: In Search of the Taken Past, an adventure game. The publisher was awful proud of their fitness titles, too, including Dream Skincare -- apparently involving something called "beauty navigation" -- and Anywhere Pilates, which is exactly what it sounds like: a how-to on pilates exercises in dual-screen fashion.

There was, unfortunately, little focus on the Silent Hill series at the event, following the EGM cover story on [Register or Login to view links], in development currently at The Collective. Trailers were shown for [Register or Login to view links] and [Register or Login to view links], but nothing new on Silent Hill 5 iteslf -- maybe that will appear on the show floor?

Presentations were also made for the Winning Eleven series and Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party on Wii, but few new details were released -- refer to our [Register or Login to view links] for commentary.

TGS 2007: Konami Press Conference

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