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    TDK Unveils New 320GB 10-Layer Blu-ray Disc in Development

    TDK has recently a new 10-layer Blu-ray disc capable of 320GB of storage in development.

    According to TDK, to quote: "It is possible to write and read data on and from the disc by using a blue-violet semiconductor laser with an oscillation wavelength of 405nm and an objective lens with a numerical aperture (NA) of 0.85, which are currently used for the Blu-ray disc."

    This has been a trend in newer, higher-capacity Blu-Ray discs. Due to the proliferation of Internet connections everywhere and firmware being written to non-volatile (update-able) chips, it means that our PlayStation 3 consoles may simply be a firmware update away from reading these 10-layer behemoths of Blu-ray discs.

    TDK Unveils New 320GB 10-Layer Blu-ray Disc in Development

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    Does this means Metal Gear Solid 5 will get 20 more hours of video... AWESOME!

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    thats awsome.

    i still cant imagine how long it will take till the first game reaches the 320gb space mark ^^

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    My GOD!!!!! This is truly amazing! Just to think about how many extra gameplay hours, bonus content, etc....blows my mind. Sony could make a HUGE leap forward with this! I CAN NOT WAIT to see exactly how this comes to fruition and in what ways it impacts the Video Gaming and Movie industries!

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    WOW That would be mad for god of war collection!

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    i hope they release it next year! ... i know this is going to take more than few years to finish...

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    wow this is incredible news although it will definitely take years before theyre ready for the public and for games to even have the need for that much space. but hell i cant wait to see what Final Fantasy XX can do with 320Gb ^_^ haha