We received word today from colleagues at http://www.swapset.com of their new
http://www.swapset.com/slidecardpro.html and http://www.swapset.com/swaptoolpro.html for both the PS2 and PSTwo consoles respectively. The SlideCard Pro is quite innovative compared to other Slide Cards available as it comes with a slotted replacement PS2 front drive tray panel. Simply insert the SlideCard Pro into the slot, and slide it to swap your original Imports and LEGAL PS2 game back-up discs. The SwapTool Pro surpasses others on the market as it only contains 2 pieces (versus 3) to install, snap-locks in, does NOT interfere with closing the PSTwo lid, and does NOT require you to break-away any parts on the PSTwo console as others have in the past. Finally, they are seeking http://www.swapset.com/distributors.html now for both innovative products made from unbreakable plastic so feel free to contact them if you are a wholesaler.

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http://www.swapset.com/slidecardpro.html http://www.swapset.com/swaptoolpro.html
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