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After the [Register or Login to view links] back in early August, several mod-chip resellers ended up closing shop and/or selling off on eBay and similar auction sites.

Today, we now have confirmation of a remaining manufacturer and distributer of illegal circumvention devices being raided, namely Divineo (retail division) and SupremeFactory (wholesale division). Documents found at the raid site connected SupremeFactory Limited to French company Divineo SARL. Divineo SARL and its principal, [Register or Login to view links], have also been named in the legal action initiated by Nintendo.

Just over a year ago, [Register or Login to view links] after a federal court judge found that they had violated the DMCA by selling mod-chips for consoles. The defendants were accused by Sony of trafficking in mod-chips as well as the application HD Loader, which allows owners of the PlayStation 2 console to rip and store PS2 games on a hard drive attached to the system.

Unfortunately for Max, his history of cybercrime dates back to 1994 when he was caught [Register or Login to view links] by the Secret Service... needless to say, do NOT trust him (nor any companies he is involved in) with your credit card number.

Based on the details available from the link above, on October 8th, the court ordered the raid of SupremeFactory Limited facilities. During a three-day period, Nintendo representatives seized more than 10,000 game copying devices and mod-chips. The game copying devices connect to the Nintendo DS and are used to copy and play game files offered unlawfully via the Internet. The mod-chips allow the play of pirated Wii discs or illegal copies of Nintendo games downloaded from the Internet.

Only time will tell if Max can continue to evade authorities and the massive fines he owes, but it's safe to state in knowing this that educated Web masters and scene hackers (Dark_AleX?) should avoid Max, Divineo, and SupremeFactory at all costs or risk being fingered next... we have removed any Divineo/SupremeFactory ads here as it's simply not worth the risk to associate with them.

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