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    Sony Expands PlayStation Licensing Program for Non-Game Items

    Last year Sony first announced the official licensing program for PlayStation peripherals, and today they have expanded the program to non-game items.

    Essentially the company is granting rights to use the PlayStation logo and symbolic triangle, circle, x and square marks on t-shirts, accessories and other items.

    The packaging for such items will show the same "Official Licensed Product" logo that's applied to licensed gaming gear.

    To quote from (linked above): "Approved licensees can design products using the PS3, PSP, PSPgo, PS2 and PlayStation logos, as well as the iconic triangle, circle, x and square marks. They can also use the Official Licensed Product logo on product packaging and other promotional tools.

    To date the licensing program has allowed manufacturers to use PlayStation logos on game peripherals and accessories developed for use with Sony's gaming systems. Launched in 2009, 45 licensees have released over 123 items."

    Sony Expands PlayStation Licensing Program for Non-Game Items

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    I always wondered why Walmart only carried 360 branded underwear and not any PS3 versions. I had just assumed they were implying something about the 360, but I guess it was a licensing issue afterall.