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    Sony bullish on Blu-ray dominance

    Sony wants to own 50 per cent of the Blu-ray Disc hardware market by the end of the year, according to a company executive.

    Ryoji Chubachi, President and electronics CEO at Sony, made the bold statement during a recent press conference in Taipei, according to a DigiTimes

    Chubachi claimed that Sony already has 20 per cent of the market. But he aims to boost Sony's share by 30 per cent through the introduction of more Blu-ray enabled products, such as HD TVs with integrated BD recorders.

    The executive also said Sony will extend its focus from Blu-ray players and recorders and the PlayStation 3 out to unnamed IT devices - though the company already offers Vaio PCs with built-in BD drives.

    Given the recent death of HD DVD, it's no surprise that Sony's predicting such a sharp upturn in consumer interest for Blu-ray. One analyst firm has already forecast that, with the vast majority expected to be PS3s.

    If Sony wants to beef up sales of standalone Blu-ray players then it still has some way to go. A recent study found that although 56 per cent of Brits, aged between 18 and 54, - only nine per cent have actually already bought a Blu-ray player.

    Sony bullish on Blu-ray dominance

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    well i don't think anyone would consider buying a standalone blu ray player if they cost more than a ps3 which can offer so much more.

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    Thats insane, I heard that the new macs were going to be shipped with bluray players.. anyone else here that?