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    Well that should be enough people to keep things in order... hopefully. Though I don't know if you wanted to recruit me or not, you put me on the list but it doesn't show me as such.
    Last edited by Neo Cyrus; 09-06-2011 at 02:36 AM

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    Yep, I added you to the list but forgot to add you to the Mod group Neo Cyrus... until now that is! Welcome aboard!

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    I'm glad to help. Though I do not see a link to the moderator control panel. I entered it manually in URL and it doesn't go through when I log in. Is the account is not set up completely yet?

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    Forum Moderators can open and close threads in their designated sections, but for the new Moderators we haven't assigned sections yet so that will be something we'll do at time permits later this month.

    As for the Control Panel, we don't allow anyone but Admins to mess with that stuff here mainly for security reasons.

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    thank you boss for clearing that problem.

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    Just thought I'd mention I closed a thread in marketplace for my PS3 I was selling... It HAS sold, so I closed it... Just to try.

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