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    Rumor: Police Cars are Returning to Burnout Paradise via DLC

    Update: Take a look at the split second footage around the 19 second mark. Police cars confirmed? And is the license plate suggesting a July 31st release?

    In a trailer released recently for Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Criterion has hinted that police will be returning to Burnout in a future DLC pack.

    At the sixty second mark the trailer, which we've embedded below, shows Burnout Paradise's new 'Burnout Store' with a mouse hovering over a button marked with a PCPD badge, which we presume to be an abbreviation of Paradise City Police Department. Underneath the button are the words 'Coming Soon'.

    Police last appeared in the Burnout series way back in Burnout 2: Point of Impact where the game's Pursuit mode allowed players to chase after criminal's and take them down. The mode transformed into Road Rage for future iterations.

    Criterion has stated that there is lots more downloadable content to come for Burnout Paradise, but could a police pack be one of them... ?

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    Just because you see a police car doesn't mean that they are in game. To me thats pretty much looks like its a driveable car thats all. There is a big difference between police being in the game as an extra car you can drive and police being in creating a whole new game mode.