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    Rumor: New Final Fantasy May Be Headed to XBox 360

    Remember that countdown Square Enix had running for the past week? If you do, you'll be happy to know this has nothing to do with it.

    Instead, it appears that Microsoft may be getting a new Final Fantasy title... for Xbox Live Arcade.

    A has surfaced for Microsoft's Japanese site and it has the words "finalfantasy4" in the URL. Speculation is suggesting that the title may in fact be Final Fantasy IV: The After for XBLA.

    Japanese gamers saw Final Fantasy IV: The After arrive on cellphones, but the rest of the world was out of luck. Could this be the solution to the get the title in the hands of the rest of us? Let's hope so.

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    Roughly translated:

    It cannot access the desired page. There is a possibility of being referred to old link, or inputting URL by mistake. Perhaps in the page below what the information which you search is found.
    Seems like either the page is gone, or was never there. Regardless, FF4TA looks better than most of the other games S-E has been putting out lately and I hope it becomes playable for us soon.

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    not rumored... it was announced at e3 2008 but will come out later than the ps3 version.