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Thread: Rhema's Corner!

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    Rhema's Corner!

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    Hello guys! I wanted to show off my girlfriends craft skills! She is an amazing person with some awesome ideas! She has her own YouTube channel where you can subscribe. She does have quite a variety of videos.

    She has recently picked up interests in becoming a regular YouTuber. (not just personal rants lol). She has enjoyed learning various things like using Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X and has been using these to create her videos. She wanted to spread her knowledge to other people, and has been making tutorials and how-tos about these kinds of things! Slowly but surely she will have lots of videos! I think it is simply amazing.

    It doesn't end there, when we moved into our own home, we were on quite a low budget and so we tended to thrift shot for a lot of our furniture and home decor, which is not always in great shape. SO we both decided to begin making our new "old" things look nice! We painted, sanded, and finished our furniture. We made our sofas and chairs look like new! We were always so into re-upholstery that our whole home changed! Anyways the whole point of this is she decided to start making how-to videos on how to do these things! Things like making a diamond tufting headboard, creating your own light fixtures!

    I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you decide to subscribe to her channel and support her work! Hopefully you can learn a wide variety of skills as well!

    Her channel is: youtube.com/user/RhemaAlHayek

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    i'll check it out mate. thanks. always looking for something new when i'm bored!

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    Thank you elser1. I've been trying to help her keep her new interested alive especially considering I use youtube all the time to learn new stuff. It is awesome to contribute to all the free knowledge out there. Hopefully within the next few months we have a lot of new tutorials. Her sister just had a baby so there are a lot of cute videos from her visit lol

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    yes great stuff.

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