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    Recent GameCube/NDS developments...

    Today we caught word of a few brief but interesting developments... for starters, Scream|CT has finally committed his GameCube DVD block driver code on CVS for the dev'ers out there! In its current form, it allows raw access to original GameCube disks.

    Secondly, we received word that DS Loader Menu V1.00 by Costis is currently under development. Many in the GC scene who know him also know of his firm anti-warez stance, however, we're assured this utility is only being developed for exploration and educational purposes.

    Finally, expect some GC Mod-Chip Reviews to come over the next 1-2 weeks here as kizman is reviewing a Mod-Chip for us, and Rook is also reviewing a Chip courtesy of DBZLuisD. Cool stuff!
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