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    Arrow Queen Bee - GH3/A/WT/M/SH/GH for Wii/PS2/PC/XBOX v1.9

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    Found a tool on the web wich let you edit the .PAK/.qb files.
    This files will be present on many Games.PAK is a data package container and the .qb will be present in many of this PAK´s.It can be used for PC/Wii/PS2/XBox.Also it let you edit text and items containing in the .qb files.
    I'm very proud to announce this release:

    Queen Bee (PAK / QB Explorer, Editor) for Guitar Hero etc

    This explorer / editor allows you to modify QB files contained in PAK files.

    Quick Feature List:-
    - Supports Wii / PS2 / PC / XBox files.
    - Edits a PAK's QB file in memory (No Import / Export required).
    - Import / Export / Export All functionality for PAK files.
    - Create New / Add / Rename / Remove files in PAK files.
    - Supports all internal QB structures contained in Guitar Hero 3 / Aerosmith / World Tour / Metallica / Smash Hits / Greatest Hits / Tony Hawk's Proving Ground and Downhill Jam.
    - QB structure and array items can be created, removed, copied and pasted.
    - All items are editable including increasing the size of text and script items.
    - Array items can be saved to text files for easy editing.
    - Debug files are supported to help describe the QB file structures.
    - QB files are Bit perfect if loaded and saved without changes even though the file has been broken down and fully rebuilt.
    - Saves and Restores settings.
    - Search Facility (String, QB Key and Numeric).

    Wish List:-
    - Load QB files without PAK/PAB.
    - Seamless Qs support.
    - Better support for WPC / XBX files.

    Technical Notes:-
    - Internal QB pointers are not used when loading files, instead they are used to validate the file is not corrupt.
    - This application was developed to allow other developers to use the code in their code.
    - The code will be released when I'm happy this app functions correctly and all the data types are correct.

    Respect to ALL who contribute to the following:-
    - Console Reversing.
    - Homebrew.
    - Scene News.
    - Custom Guitar Hero Discs (Any Console).
    Your efforts and time are appreciated.

    Thanks to GameZelda for releasing code for the apps he writes and always being an endless source of technical information.

    Thanks to the guys behind RawkSD for using the Queen Bee parser and helping making this project worth the effort.

    This application requires the .Net framework 2.0

    Version History
    - Fixed: Certain item types were being saved with the wrong ID. (again - sorry)
    - Fixed: Certain item types were being saved with the wrong ID.
    - Fixed: Handle Invalid path exception without crashing.
    - Added: Support for GH:WT, GH:M and GH:SH/GH (Not all platforms have been tested)
    - Added: Copy and Paste to the Qb Item tree structures. You can also copy and paste over different files.
    - Added: Qb Item value to the Qb Item list.
    - Added: Number search
    - Added: The ability to create new files in the PAK
    - Added: The ability to add new files to the PAK
    - Added: The ability to rename files in the PAK
    - Added: The ability to remove files from files to the PAK
    - Added: Ability to import and export array types to text files, for power editing.
    - Added: Type to files in PAK list.
    - Changed: Qb Item list so it now shows the QbKey when no debug name is found
    - Changed: App structure by splitting the core out to a dll (Queen Bee Parser). As used by TheGHOST and RawkSD.
    - Changed: The name of StringPointer to QbKeyString
    - Changed: The name of StringPointerB to StringPointer
    - Added: New QbKeyStringQs types - these point to the qs.pak of strings. Editing is not supported in Queen Bee, export the related text file, edit and import
    - Changed: QbKey search so that entered text can be matched against QbKeys even when no debug file is loaded (full text match only).
    - Fixed: Errors when paths are not found when loading / saving scripts etc.
    - Fixed: Double in debug path when loading pak files from the root of a drive
    - Changed: File access to readonly files can be opened without errors.
    - Changed: Test All QB files now skips non QB files, rather than stopping with an error.
    - Fixed: Entering a QB Key in hex mode will lookup the text value from the debug file.
    - Changed: Script editor, pressing Enter/Return on the text box will simulate the Set button being clicked.
    - Changed: Script editor now has full exception handling.
    - Changed: Calculates QB File ID after file has loaded rather on first request.
    - Changed: All formats support optional PAB file (Fixes formats where some PAKs have a PAB and some don't).
    - Changed: When loading a PAK/PAB file the top item in the list is selected automatically.
    - Fixed: Correctly set tab orders for Array and Script Editors.
    - Fixed: PC WPC PAK loading, some PAKS failed.
    - Fixed: Added exception handling to XBox Compress / Decompress.
    - Fixed: Script length bug (again).
    - Fixed: Script length bug.
    - Changed: QB items context menu allows Add Child when no item is selected.
    - Changed: QB remove item now has extra checking to prevent exceptions.
    - Changed: Simple array editor now has full exception handling.
    - Changed: Suppressed any exception messages when loading debug (other than when using the 'Load' button on the PAK tab).
    - Fixed: Null object bug when searching for QB Key by CRC (Hex).
    - Fixed: Scripts are only compressed if they are smaller than the uncompressed version.
    - Fixed: Text boxes that accept Return now work on Key Down rather than Key Up.
    - Fixed: Custom QB Key name was being wiped from QB item list on update.
    - Fixed: QB item editor is cleared if no QB item is selected in the list.
    - Added: QB Structure Editing, Right-clicking QB item structure pops up a menu with items or adding and removing items.
    - Added: Array Editing, Right-clicking array items pops up a menu with items for adding and removing items.
    - Added: Added support for Xbox (xbx) format used in Tony Hawk's Project 8.
    - Changed: Array editor, pressing Enter/Return on the text box will simulate the Set button being clicked.
    - Changed: QB Keys can now contain '.'.
    - Changed: Included '=' in the recognised character set when detecting strings in scripts.
    - Fixed: Issue when Updating a type when the Data Type has been switched from string to hex.
    - Fixed: Incorrect filename was being shown on exceptions when testing QB file.
    - Fixed: Error displaying Calculated and Written length difference had the names transposed.
    - Fixed: Stopped the 'You have not saved changes' message box popping when changing tabs if a new QB is been loaded.
    - Fixed: Disable the 'Save to File' button when loading a new QB is been loaded.
    - Fixed: 00000000 QBKeys are visible editable for items that have them.
    - Fixed: Script editor let you update a QB item when QB Key or Unknown was invalid.
    - Fixed: Generic Edit Item bug where Data Type button displayed the wrong type name and text was formatted incorrectly.
    - Added: Added icon for Midi QB files in PAK list.
    - Changed: Now displays the file extension in Format dropdown list.
    - Fixed: PAK file 'Extract...' and 'Replace...' failed when '/' was present in the filename.
    - Fixed: Filename not being shown on exceptions when testing QB file.
    - Fixed: Added support for PC (wpc) format used in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland.
    - Fixed: Issue when Updating a type when the Data Type has been switched from the default in the Generic Editor.
    - Added: XBox Support.
    - Added: Script Uncompression / Compression.
    - Added: Script Editor Panel, displays hex as well as found strings in the script hex.
    - Added: String search searches for strings within scripts.
    - Added: Search filter context menu. Right-click search results and select an item from the menu.
    - Added: Array Editor Panel.
    - Added: QB Keys can now be edited using the debug string text or crc.
    - Added: New QB key strings are saved to a file named '<pak file>.UserDbg' so they are not lost on reload.
    - Added: New QB keys are tested to ensure they do not have the same CRC as an existing debug CRC.
    - Added: Ability to search for QB Keys with text as well as hex.
    - Added: Hourglass pointer to Load PAK and Searches.
    - Changed: Item QB Keys are now editable.
    - Changed: Item QB Key now shown at the top of the generic edit list (if present).
    - Changed: Integer data types are now displayed as signed int as default.
    - Changed: Items that don't have QB Keys no longer have an item displaying '00000000'.
    - Changed: Status bar to show PAB info (if available)
    - Changed: 'Vector' datatype name to 'Floats'
    - Changed: Section, Array and StructItem 'Vector' datatype name to 'FloatsX2'
    - Changed: Section, Array and StructItem 'Vector3d' datatype name to 'FloatsX3'
    - Changed: Rewrote internal state loading and saving.
    - Changed: Rewrote the help pages.
    - Fixed: Flickering bug when moving between QB items.
    - Fixed: 'Extract All...' no longer displays a success message when the folder dialog was cancelled.
    - Fixed: 'Extract File...' and 'Replace File...' now only save the path to the .config file.
    - Fixed: Fixed a couple of bugs with StringW (unicode) strings.
    - Fixed: Stopped PAB being loaded when no PAB was selected by user.
    - Fixed: Detect reading outside of PAK/PAB file and raise an exception.
    - Added: PS2 support
    - Added: PC support
    - Added: ConfigVersion to config file to help config migration for future updates
    - Added: Unicode support for PC (tested) and XBox (untested), Wii uses 8bit chars for the StringW datatype, should support all combinations of machine endian and file endian.
    - Added: Icons for different file types within a Pak file .
    - Changed: String2 item types to StringW (Wide/Unicode).
    - Changed: Version number system to x.x from x.x.x.x.
    - Changed: Selecting PAK will try and locate PAB and DBG files in the same folder.
    - Added: Search tab. Search by String or QB Key.
    - Added: Save and restore splitter positions.
    - Added: Save and restore column widths positions and sort order.
    - Added: Prompt when leaving QB tab with un saved items.
    - Fixed: Improved performance on PAK load.
    - Fixed: Internal form title tweak.
    - Fixed: Form size and position save and restore (for maximise).
    - Fixed: All QB Keys are displayed and edited as Big Endian (previously the hardware default).
    - Fixed: Issue where if item had too many items Windows would run out of handles. Now shows message.
    - Removed: 'Open QB >>' button from first tab.
    - First Release.
    Please message me with any bugs and I'll fix them ASAP. Please READ THE INFO in the app by clicking the "Info..." button.
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