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    No prob Jelf... since then we have also added an RSS icon with the link to the upper right corner of each page as well.

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    Thanks man, PS3news.com on the go

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    I've just installed a copy of tapatalk on my Samsung Galaxy S running Froyo, an it's working great! It's a little bit slow but i'm putting that down to connection for now.

    Also, the copy of tapatalk I've got is pre-activated so anyone on android can use it for free! I'll upload it later though (if that's allowed, Boss??) cuz it's far too late here!

    Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk.

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    Nice to hear saviour07 and +Rep!

    If you wish to post it using a free file-sharing service (RS/MU/etc) that would be fine as well.

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    Finally got round to uploading it to MU: [Register or Login to view links]

    How to:
    - Put the .apk file on your phone (I put all my .apk's in a folder called "APK").
    - Allow unknown sources to install to your phone via Settings -> Applications -> Unknown Sources.
    - Browse to the file via a File Manager such as Astro or Android's built in "My Files" and install.

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    I get 'Tapatalk plugin is not activated in this forum'

    Just curious if its just me, or whats your plans for tapatalk?


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    It used to be, but perhaps during the upgrade the install didn't cross over for some reason. I will have CJPC look into this when he has time and report back here. Thanks for letting us know!

    Update: It should be fixed now, let us know if it's not though. Thanks again!

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