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    Police: Man Steals PlayStation 3, Says it's to Save His Family

    Now here's an interesting one, a man robbed a video game store claiming that he needed a PS3 in order to have his family released as they were being held hostage.

    The suspect asked the clerk to call the police as his family needed help, but the suspect fled the scene shortly after. Oh, and he was carrying a gun... :p

    To quote: The suspect went into the store, picked out a video game and approached the counter to check out. He pulled out a small handgun and told the store clerk that his family was being held hostage and that he needed a PlayStation 3 in order to have them released.

    As he left the store, the suspect told the clerk to call the police, because his family needed help.

    Police arrived shortly thereafter, but the suspect had fled the scene. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    LMFAO!!!!! Right.. Ive heard it all now.. Its amazing what someone will go through to get a PS3. If I was Sony I would use that as advertisment. "PS3 is sooooo great that you will lock up your family and rob a store for one!" Beat that XCRAP 360!!!!!

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    why can't he get a job like everyone else?