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    Not fan of it. But my GF have some. I got used to it in a flash. Especialy intimate one - darn hot.

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    Had a girlfriend with a lip piercing, sure it looked hot but it hurt a lot...

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    I used to have a facial pierce, below my lower lip. I did it myself so I'm pretty sure that it's safe.

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    This is another thing i won't do. I would be more like my father if i got any peircings.

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    I don't really like piercings, but I think piercings around the belly button look sexy. Ears, normal. Any other parts = taboo!

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    I wasn't really a fan of piercings. They didn't really stand out as much. I've never worn em though, so I can't really judge.

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    I personally don't care for them. Unless its someone who has HUGE one hanging out of their Mouth or Cheek

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    i'm more of a tattoo person myself, never really got into piercing...

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    When I was younger and dumber, I got my nipples pierced. It was free at a tattoo expo if I got it done on the front stage. Yes, alcohol was involved. No, I don't have them anymore.

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    I never got why nipples were pierced. I mean, wouldn't like feel like hell!?


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