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    Thumbs Up OMG it's Limbfilter! AKA: The Old Timers Thread

    This is just a thread to chill out and hang with some of my friends that I haven't talked to in a long time.

    If you remember:


    or maybe this:

    Or if you know this: ^_^ means Go-kun posted it...
    Or... how about Charlie_ps2's "trouble"?
    Or back when X-S had no real problem with talking about backups or downloads?
    Or how about the FAKE gamecube mod videos... And the april fools iso of zelda from kalisto?
    Knife swaps
    Swap magic
    All that fun old stuff...

    Then come on in and reminisce!

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    Can't forget the DC Utopia Boot Disc and PS2 Flip-Tops either!

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    yep! You know... I never picked up a flip-top... I wonder if there might be a pile of them around somewhere... I've been wanting to pick up a bunch of old stuff like that just to have it around...

    I picked up a dreamcast again maybe 2 years ago... Had to play Shenmue again.

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    I actually have a 'retail' copy of the original "HDLoader" for PS2, which the company promptly denied they ever sent me after I emailed them a question about it. I remember the disdain after I ruined my first v1 phat PS2 trying to solder kynar wire on the tiny legs of the main chip, and the excitement of successfully soldering a crystal chip in a v4, then in a v12 slim. Creating my own customized elf loaders with sexy splash screens. That was a real good time, fun scene.