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    Exclamation Notice: New UserGroup Classifications & How to Download Files!

    How to Download Files on

    Refer to section 4) HERE for how to download the file attachments on

    UserGroups on PS3 News

    What are Quality Posts?

    They are posts or replies made on our Site News page or Forums that show us you are an intelligent person (not a BOT) who is interested in gaming. They should be in English, be longer than one sentence and express your personal views, experiences or opinions on the news articles our Staff and members spend time sharing here... or making a helpful reply to one of our UnAnswered Posts or PS3 Help & Support questions also counts as a Quality Post as well as Posting News.

    What are Non-Quality Posts?

    Generic Posts are such things as:

    1) Just agreeing with what the guy posting above you said, without adding any new information, opinion, or reasoning. This is considered a DUPE post, and includes restating content that they said instead of making your own.

    2) Posting off-topic in a thread. If the thread is on PS3 HDD we don't want to read about why your 360 HDD gets errors. The same applies for asking for help in the "PS3 Links ONLY" Sticky thread, etc- keep threads on topic!

    3) Replying to a thread "cool, thx!" or "nice!!!" or "thanks for the info" or "thx for tutorial!!!" type replies, or re-requesting something that has already been requested (such as a PS Store link).

    4) Replying to a thread that is over a week old with no new USEFUL content, such as a solution to the person's problem. We don't need people bumping old threads just to say "that happens to me too!" or "same here!"

    UserGroup Rank Classifications
    • [Registered] - Lurkers: This group does not see any ads on the side or bottom of the Forum that UnRegistered Users do.
    • [Contributor] - Contributors: This group sees a few less ads per page than the Registered User group and no longer see In-Text Ads.
    • [Jr Member] - Professionals: From this group onward, users see fewer ads than the Registered User and Contributor groups and no longer see Tynt code.
    • [Member] - Experts: These are the Pros! They see half the amount of ads previous groups do.
    • [Sr Member] - Veterans: Ahh.. the Vets. Users in this group see the least amount of ads any non-Staff group does.
    • [VIP Member] - Premium Members are included in this group, and exempt from all ads and posting requirements with full download access.
    • [Moderator] - Moderators: This is our Staff group, who dedicate their time to moderating the Forums and posting news. In return, they see the absolute least amount of ads and occasionally review free samples of products.
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