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    The guy who chipped it for me mentioned that u could temporarily diasable the chip by pressing the reset button 3 times? Does this ring any bells as to which mod chip this is. I did also hear the word magic mentioned? Thanks in advance to all that can help. Apologies if this is in the wrong section.

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    Could be a magic 3.1,3.2,3.6 or magic V modchip if the word magic was mentioned as these chips can be put into sleep mode but when you power up your ps2 into the stanby mode (red light) yoo can just open tray and put in game and hold reset button until it goes into stanby mode again (tray will close while you are doing this),and then release reset button,now then hold reset button for at least 6 sec. and this will put the magic chip into sleep mode and the ps2 will load like a non modded console then.

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    Silly question but how i get out of sleep mode ? OK thanks for response. Sorry, this is the last thing, do i ever need to use sleep mode? Whenever would i need to use it? thx in advance and thanks for ur speedy response from last time!

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    Just turn the rocker switch to off on the back of your ps2 while the ps2 is in stanby mode (red light) and wait for a few sec. and power up your ps2 and carry on as usual..hehe..you only need the modchip in sleep mode when you go online as it puts your ps2 back to like there`s no modchip in it at all (original status) so you can load your original games.

    But if you are just going to play original games without going online you can still use the same boot methods for ps1 or ps2 games and it will still load them.

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    Read the RULES idiot! NO ONLINE Chat allowed here! DUH!!! -Staff

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