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    Nintendo Hires Anti-piracy Guru to Combat R4 Card Sales

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    Nintendo has hired anti-piracy guru Neil Boyd from Warner Bros. in a move to keep the Nintendo DS R4 Card from being sold at both online and offline retailers.

    Boyd claims Nintendo has no problem in hurting companies who still sell flash carts for the DS console, to quote:

    He warned online and High Street stores who are still selling the R4 device that Nintendo had "more eyes and ears" than ever on the street - and would be swift to issue cease and desist notices.

    Nintendo's senior global director for anti-piracy Jodi Daugherty added: "[Stocking these games] damages your sales, and it's going to damage your relationship with us.

    "We have no problem pursuing customers that continue to take steps to hurt the company."

    Boyd - who also previously worked as a digital piracy advisor in the music business - added that he wants ISPs to take more action against consumers of BitTorrent sites.

    Nintendo Hires Anti-piracy Guru to Combat R4 Card Sales

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    wow Nintendo hates r4 more then the other flashcarts.. its a good thing i own a R4i SDHC already

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    Nintendo could end up hated like activision. Wii success gone to their heads..

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    Just wonder if this "new" iniciative was also behind shutting the nds-roms as well all linked sites?

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    Poor R4, hehehe - always the target of Nintendo.

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