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Thread: NBA Street V3

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    Registered User angelisss's Avatar
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    When using isobuster, after opening iso image I burned to desktop (NBA Street V3), a folders appear in the right side pane with what I'm guessing is disc info. Would I be using the iso drop-down box or the udf box from the left hand pane? Should I then double-click each folder then drag-and-drop each file into my folder to be rebuilt or would the drag-and drop method work for the entire folder itself?

    When using Nero burning rom to backup should I select the 'DVD-ROM (UDF/ISO) option or another? I've tried three times already but continue getting 'not a valid ps2 disc. Using magic swap 3.6 and slide card. What am I donig wrong here?

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    Contributor hursty's Avatar
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    you dont have to touch the info listed on the left hand side of isobuster, only be concerned whats listed on the right hand side. you will see a list of the game files/folders etc, just drag them over one by one to a new folder.. you do not have to open all the folders/sub folders.

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    Banned User 07743's Avatar
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    games works fine with swap magic 3.6

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    Big Grin

    Hi I am new to this but have a bit of knowledge but was just wondering if you can put ps2 cd games on a dvd can you do the same with ps1 games compiled to a dvd and then play with swap magic, I am sure it can be done so could someone please help me as it will be most appreciated... thanks digitalchicken.

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    thank you for the info, i try it and hope that it works.

    greetings from zeboe!

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    I've just applied the Swap Magic fix for this game (NTSC version).

    I burned the resulting ISO file using DVD Decrypter onto Verbatim DVD-R at 4x speed. And it works fine with Swap Magic 2.

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    do i still need to patch if i got the new Swap coder version?

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    it doesn't work and every time i open the DRK-NBA.EXE it always contain a gen virus, and when i deleted it and i click apply and there appears a Can't Copy. please help thanks

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