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    Mt. Dew Win Xbox 360 Every 10 Min. Question

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    I am pretty sure that all you guys have heard of this promotion about Mountain Dew giving away and Xbox 360 every ten minutes. What is your opinion about this topic and what are the odd of actually winning one? Thanks for the replies.

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    Odds are based upon # of systems given away, and the number of codes you enter. I dont think its very likely that youll win one, but by my calculations they will be giving away one 360 every 10 min from 8/28/05 to 11:49:59 PM ET 10/31/05.

    Thats 64 days... take 64 days x 24 hours in a day to get total number of hours. That number is 1536, so theres 1536 hours.. you multiply by 60 to get total number of mins which would be 92160 mins. You then devide the total number of minuets by 10 and that tells you how many 360 systems would be given away.

    9,216 systems will be given away and there are more then 295,734,134 people in the united states. Now all these people dont count, alot are infants and the elderly. You have to factor in that probably less then half of these people will enter the sweepstakes, probably alot less then half.. more like less then 10%.

    Enough rambling, your chances are slim to none.

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    I agree, but there is probably someone out there who is going to spend three hundred dollars or more on Mt Dew products and enter all the codes and not win a thing....Laugh Out Loud(or don't if you don't want to).

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    According to a few Fatwallet forum members, there has already been rampant cheating (a few people have already gloated about winning more than one XB360 [by entering in 1000s of illegal codes] with proof). Fortunately MS is taking strides to cut the cheaters off (a few of the 10 minute contests got into the multi-thousands a couple of days ago). I personally have a (legal) plan on winning a XB360 from this contest... but I don't feel like sharing it until I know its gonna work

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    Does winning involve spending a lot of money?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jak
    Does winning involve spending a lot of money?
    well i think so cause you need to drink a lot of Mt Dew and to drink you need to spend money that's not a good deal cause you probably spend more money on Mt Dew than an xbox 360 lol

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    Ive tried a couple of times, and realize i have the worst luck winning contests such as this and quit trying.

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    I really dont even want a 360... if someone gave me the unit then okay Id buy some games. But im not paying for it with my money, and im not drinking a ton of MD to win one, I dont like mountain dew. I dont like soda in general but this is my least fav soda.

    On another note, its funny how many people will spend hundreds of $'s trying to win one when they could have just took all that money and went and bought one. At over a dollar a bottle, it wouldnt be to hard to spend atleast 100$ in that 2 months +.

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    see i dont have that problem i drink a couple of dews a day but i get most caps from ppl at work like today i think i got about 20 so i dont care if i win or lose cause i spend 2 dollars a day on dew and everyone one else's caps are free. plus i live in ohio and i got to say there are alot of ppl from ohio that won like 5 from my own city.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jak
    Laugh Out Loud(or don't if you don't want to).
    Jak is Pro-Choice

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