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    Microsoft Offers $50 Rebate on XBox 360 Elite Until October 5 '09

    Today Microsoft's Major Nelson has announced that they will be an additional $50 rebate on the XBox 360 Elite until October 5, 2009.

    This comes just weeks after the price drop of the XBox 360 Elite from $399 to $299, meaning after rebate it's just $249- not bad at all!

    To quote from the Press Release: Stretch Your Entertainment Dollar with Special Offer from Xbox 360

    $50 Rebate Offered with the Purchase of Xbox 360 Elite through Oct. 5

    Beginning today through Oct. 5, when you purchase an Xbox 360 Elite for $299, Xbox 360 will put $50 back into your pocket with a limited-time rebate. Coupled with the recent price drop of the Xbox 360 Elite console, this offer makes your premium games and entertainment experience more affordable than ever.
    Xbox 360 Elite puts all your entertainment in one place so you can play games, watch movies and TV shows, listen to music, and, coming this fall, keep up with your Twitter and Facebook social circles, all from your living room. Additionally, with a Netflix unlimited membership and an Xbox LIVE Gold Membership you can instantly watch movies and TV episodes streamed from Netflix, recommend your favorite shows and share in a movie party night with up to 7 friends - all on Xbox LIVE.

    And, as announced earlier this year, the Xbox 360 you buy today will work with "Project Natal" and controller-free gaming in the future.

    You may be eligible for the $50 Mail-in rebate when you purchase an Xbox 360 Elite in the U.S. between Sept. 22 and Oct. 5. Visit for more details and rebate requirements.

    Microsoft Offers $50 Rebate on XBox 360 Elite Until October 5 '09

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    Uber cool, awesome

    Great!! who can deny this kind of offer elite in 250$ i must be day dreaming FTW MS lols.

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    yay for my bros in the US

    Xbox 360 Arcade still sells for Rs 16990 here in India which comes around to 350$, we are the ones who deserve a price drop!!

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    That's a year of Xbox Live!

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    Crap, I just recently bought a 360. Though it was $100 off used, this price drop would've made it even cheaper... Oh well, I'll live.