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    Microsoft Looking into Early GTA IV Players

    A peek at Gamercard aggregator reveals a long list of Xbox 360 users already racking up achievements on Grand Theft Auto IV since an illegal torrent of the game was leaked yesterday and early copies started showing up in people's homes.

    Neither Rockstar nor Microsoft itself have yet responded to Kotaku's requests for comment. Neither has Sony commented on any action it might take regarding video of the game being played on its network -- video that GameTrailers, for its part, has since pulled -- so it's unclear yet how any of them plan to address the software pirates.

    Xbox Live's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, did say, however, that he was unable to comment yet due to the "need to look into this further," so we can assume that Microsoft, at least, is investigating.

    Microsoft Looking into Early GTA IV Players

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    Well they are going to have to be careful with this since some places did sell copies early. So they don't want to ban people just for playing early. Even though I am sure 99% of them have illegal copies.