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    Microsoft Begins Banning Homebrew XBox 360s from LIVE

    The inevitable has happened according to a multi-page thread on XBox-Scene (linked above), it appears Microsoft is now beginning to ban homebrew XBox 360 consoles running freeBOOT or XBReboot from XBox LIVE.

    This move comes just under two months from their last XBL ban wave, and while there are guides to unban your XBox 360 from LIVE and to prevent XBox 360 HDD crippling, it appears the safest route if you use XBox 360 homebrew is to simply keep the console off XBL.

    To quote from -DeToX-: "Well.. it seems new bans have been handed out, just now.

    I just have over 7 people with XBR/FreeBOOT consoles report to me that they have been banned, and I as well have. However, anyone who played hacked games with these people remain untouched.

    I was playing MW2, when I was disconnected from live. I went back to dash, and I was able to sign back in. Restarted, and I could still sign in at the dash. I turned it off.. Waited 5 minutes. Tried to sign in, console ban..

    Good job Microsoft, bout time you disallowed this to be on Xbox Live."

    Microsoft Begins Banning Homebrew XBox 360s from LIVE

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    I've got xbox 360 myself personally and i just keep offline, its just that simple. No matter what firmware update comes, MS will find out and put a new ban wave out after there firmware updates.

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    Personally i have two 360's and don't use any online, since i know i'm in the wrong (xbreboot \ flashed drive) so i don't even give m$ the chance to ban me. good luck to those who do go online.

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    Merry Christmas To You... Micro$oft Style

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    Guys all the people who are getting banned still are using the modded drives with detectable firmare. This is a false report I think, meant to scare people.

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    If they can detect a modded drive by several complex reading operations in dvd, why they not detect a xex modified in system?
    it's easier then detect a dvd mod, they can check by md5 or any other hash.. or they can check the CB and test if this console is a retail or dev console.

    Really, i never thought MS cannot detecta Xell moded console. Do you really believe in Santa?

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    M$ will ban mod'ed consoles when it serves their purposes... how do you think they keep ahead of sony in hardware sales??

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    that is why i sold my xbrick, first of all we have to pay yearly so they should allow true gamers to do as they please, they made their money already, what's the point hb 360's can get online at "other" sites it makes no differance screw ms i dis like the 360 untill it was replaced 4 times!

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    Are there any clues how they detect the reboters ? Does it also include dual Nand 360 ?