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May 10, 2007 - Great things are in store for destructive sandbox game [Register or Login to view links], with developer Realtime Worlds releasing some major downloadable content featuring new modes, weapons, cheats and special moves.

Although no release date has been given, Realtime Worlds is planning to deliver a mixture of both free and paid-for downloadable packs, according to TeamXbox, which has the [Register or Login to view links] at the new content.

Major free improvements include easier orb hunting, a deadly ground strike attack, targeting enhancements and a 'Keys to the City' cheat mode, enabling you to experiment with infinite ammo, spawnable vehicles and more - all of this and other additions can be downloaded in just one update, called the Free-For-All Pack.

Meanwhile, for those that like to splash their cash on premium downloadable content, Realtime Worlds is planning a host of new paid-for modes and items. The Getting Busy Bonus pack includes three new vehicles, several weapons (like a cloaking device), modes for single-player and multiplayer and even new Achievements for anyone desperate to upgrade their Gamerscore.

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