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    Lost Mission Discovered in Call of Duty 4

    A curious PC gamer has discovered a previously unseen mission in Call of Duty 4 - an extended training sequence that was dropped from the final game.

    The find was reported by Infinity Ward's community chap Robert Bowling, and the video is below courtesy of aCoDModder. It shows what Infinity Ward originally had between the rifle range and the timed run through the mock house that the game uses to suggest a difficulty setting. An embarassingly low one, in my case.

    Can't say the game suffers all that much for leaving it out, but it does answer one question for me: when I played, I really did wonder why they'd left that crappy-looking car outside the training building. Nice to know it was there for a reason... Enjoy!

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    lol i cant finish the game

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    Soo.. is there any way to play this dropped part of the game, or is it gone forever?