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    Longbox Comic Service May Be Heading to XBox 360 Consoles

    While currently in development and set to launch for both PC and Macintosh first, the Longbox Digitial Comics service is also being tested as a new addition to the Xbox Dashboard.

    To quote: "Working in a similar way to iTunes it will allow you to browse, purchase and then read a broad variety of comics directly from your console. Functions such as zooming in and out will also be available to those with a scrutinising eye.

    Featuring works from celebrated publishers such as Top Cow and Image Comics, users will be able to either subscribe or purchase specific titles from a whole range of both current series as well as archival collections.

    CEO of Longbox, Rantz Hoseley states "With the Twitter/ Facebook/ integration it was very obvious to us that this was a great fit."

    Whilst prices are yet to be confirmed, Hoseley has said that they were aiming at 99 cents for single issues and $10 for a 20-issue archival edition for US audiences."

    Longbox Comic Service May Be Heading to XBox 360 Consoles

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    Hmm... i think this is somekind of rip-off from sony psp's comic reader.