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    Lightbulb Lite-On Drive Flash Guide

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    In this tutorial we assume you already have read our previous tutorial about how to extract Lite-On drive key, so you have all the needed equipments and you did all the soldering on the Lite-On board.

    Our previous tutorial link : http://www.ps3news.com/forums/xbox-3...de-102197.html

    In this tutorial we will use the following tools:

    1) JungleFlasher .26 BETA
    2) Hacked Lite-On firmware (ix15-liteon.bin - search for it on the net)
    3) Dosflash 1.7 (in emergency situation!)
    4) L-O-Eras.exe (again just for emergency need)

    Now because we want to have a good hacked drive, I prefer to read the drive key and other stuff again with new tools.

    First of all after doing soldering, hook up your drive to your Connectivity Kit (No SATA, No RS232) and turn on your drive and Eject it, now push the eject button again but cut the power when the drive is half way closing (Turn off your Connectivity Kit).

    Now plug your SATA cable to the drive and connect RS232 Cable too. Now turn on your drive again and then start “JungleFlasher” program and go to “DVDKey32” tab.

    In “I/O Port” section select your SATA port address and in “Com Port” section select your Com port which your RS232 cable is connected to.
    If you have selected your SATA port correctly you will see something like this in “Drive Properties” section:

    If so, click on “Get Key” button. If everything has done correctly after a few moments you should see a window which is asking you to Save your “Key.bin” and after that other windows for “Inquiry.bin” and “Identify.bin”. If your Key has been extracted correctly you should see “Status: Good” in “Drive Key” section.

    Now click on “Open Dummy as Source” button and then click on “Save” and then go to “FirmwareTool 32” tab and click on “Open Target Firmware” and select your hacked Lite-On firmware (ix15-liteon.bin).

    Now click on “Spoof Source to Target”. Now you must have same DVD Key on Source and Target sections. If so, save your file by clicking on “Save to File” button.
    Now go to “MTK Flash 32” tab.

    Select your SATA port in “I/O Port” section. If you have selected the correct port , you will see your Drive Properties.

    Now it’s the time to erase the firmware chip and program the hacked firmware. Click on “Lite-On-Erase” button. You will see two windows like these :

    Read both very carefully, because it’s very important to turn off and on your drive at the right moment in order to be successful in reprogramming the flash chip.

    Click on “Yes” when you are ready.
    As soon as you see “..” (dot) appearing under “Drive returned Status 0xD0” line, you must turn off and then on your drive quickly!

    If you do your job correctly you will see something like this in “Flash Chip Properties” section:

    If you fail to do the job correctly then you will have to use “Dosflash 1.7” in DOS (I will explain it later in this tutorial).

    If you have your Flash Chip Properties then it’s time to hit the “Write” button.
    Wait until the program writes and reads the firmware for checking. Then you can turn off your drive and unplug it and then test it on your console.
    If everything is alright you can close your console and enjoy!

    But, if you have failed the Erase part, don’t panic and continue reading.
    Copy “L-O-Eras.exe” and “Dosflash” and your hacked Lite-On firmware in the same folder, somewhere easy to access in DOS.

    Then boot up your system with a bootable floppy disc or something else into DOS.

    Turn on your drive and then go to the folder where you have copied files and type the following command:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Where “CE00” must be your SATA port which you used in windows.
    At first time you won’t see “Status 0x72” which is what you want, so type in the same command again and hit Enter.

    If you got “Status 0x72” you can go on, but if not, turn off and on your drive and type in the command for two or three time and then you will get “Status 0x72”.

    Now type “dosflash” and hit Enter. If the program asked you to resend MTK Vendor command, check the drive status on the screen if it’s your Lite-On drive, type “Y” but if not, type “N”.

    Continue until you see your drive in the list on your SATA port which you used before. Then type it’s number to select it, now type “W” and then type your hacked firmware’s name (for example: Lite_CFW.BIN).

    Wait until it’s finished and then you can test your drive on your console.
    Note: if you got “Status 0x72” with “L-O-Eras” but you couldn’t see your drive in “dosflash”, run “L-O-Eras” again and get “Status 0x72” again, but before running “dosflash” turn off and on your drive for two times and then run “dosflash”. It should solve the detection problem.

    Be careful and enjoy!
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    Thanks once again takavach, STICKY'd this one too and another +Rep!

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