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    Japanese Hardware Sales Slump Hits PlayStation 3 Hard

    Man, things are tough all over. This week's Media Create sales charts show that Japanese gamers basically took the week off from buying hardware. It's possible they were simply concerned about the volatility of the global market, as the softer side of sales failed to blow our socks off, too.

    More surprising is the stagnation of PlayStation 3 hardware, which is actually selling some games (Aquanaut's Holiday, Eternal Sonata) but places well behind the Xbox 360. Crazy, crazy days.

    Nintendo DS - 31,914
    PSP - 23,901
    Wii - 22,877
    Xbox 360 - 7,763
    PlayStation 2 - 6,982
    PlayStation 3 - 5,734 More PlayStation 3 News...

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    If the PS3 had PS2 backward compatibility, I'd imagine a lot of those PS2 sales would get converted to PS3 sales. (Of course, these days the PS2 sales must be almost pure profit...)