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    Have you noticed the ads in Paradise?

    IGA, one of the biggest in-game advertising agencies have been working with a wide range of leading brands including BURGER KING, Diesel, Gillette,, Sling Media, Vizio, JL Audio and others to incorporate static ads, including billboards, retail stores, radio stations and vehicles into Burnout Paradise.

    What we want to know is have you noticed them? and if so have they in anyway affected your enjoyment of the game?

    In game advertising has been a talking point for a while now, but if such adverts feel like part of the game by blending in with the background without overpowering the experience, then is it something us as gamers should be concerned about?

    Have you noticed the ads in Paradise?

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    yea i thinking too! real ads are more better than ads made by game developer! feels more realistic!